Increasing Your Productivity In The Office

It doesn’t matter if you like your job or not, although liking it certainly helps, but everyone has problems with being productive at their desk once in a while. The best way to overcome the hurdle of distraction or mental overload is to start the work day with a strategy. It’s best to plan everything first, write out a to-do list, and avoid multitasking. The best way to make sure you can stick to your plan is keeping your workspace organized. If you have lots of open space dedicated to certain types of work, for example making optimal use of L-shaped office desks, then you will spend less time sifting through clutter and moving on to the next task on your list.

The best way to be productive is to get right to work. Get as much done as you possibly can within the first hour you are at your desk. This way your to-do list doesn’t get backed up later, and you are able to gain momentum that lasts through the rest of the day. Also make sure to give yourself breaks. If you find that you’re starting to mentally short circuit from staring at a screen or page for too long, take a brief walk around the work place or take a coffee break.

L-shaped office desks

Another way to make sure you are staying engaged with your work is time yourself on certain tasks. If some projects are tedious, only work on them for half an hour at a time, so that you don’t start to experience Mind Melt by lunch time. If you have any large projects due, don’t just work on them until you finish them, especially if doing so could take hours. You need to let your brain rest once in a while. The best way to be productive is to pace yourself.