How to Get the Right Gift for Everyone on Your List

During the holidays and for birthdays throughout the year, you have the chance, and sometimes even the obligation, to get gifts for multiple different people. Friends, family members, and coworkers have birthdays, baby showers, and life transitions that just scream “buy me a present!” Everyone struggles with making sure the gift they give is perfect. Do you get the birthday girl or the new homeowner something functional, decorative, or nice custom accessories like a mug with their name on it?

custom accessories

One of the best ways, I have found, to make sure you get someone the perfect present is to make a list of everything they like. Do you have a picky boyfriend who already has everything? He likes books, horror movies, and trivia. What about a book on the history and progress of horror cinema? He likes functional things he can use every day and the smell of real leather. What about a leather messenger bag for his laptop on his commute to work?

Make the present as specific to the person as possible. Really think about the individual on the receiving end. What does this person need and like? What will make them happy, make their life easier?

Sometimes the people we are trying to get a gift for already have everything. Give them something to do instead of something to own. Send them on a trip, or give them tickets to an opera you know they’d love. Take them paintballing or bowling or mini-golfing. Sometimes the best gifts are just being able to relax and spend the day doing fun things with the people you love. Take them out to eat at their favorite restaurant. There’s no better way to share an experience than over good memorable food.