What to Consider when Purchasing a Beach Towel

It might come as a surprise that there is a process to making sure you buy the right beach towel for you. It’s not simple as dropping by your nearest major retailer and picking a pattern you like. With that kind of shopping you’ll end up with something ragged and dingy in the next couple of years, and a beach towel needs to be able to look nice when you take it out in public – it’s a part of your summer ensemble. So what should you take into consideration when looking for quality beach towels?

quality beach towels

First think about what kind of towel you need. There are a handful or towel types, and the round towel is especially popular right now because of the flexibility it allows you. You can spread out on it and avoid the hot sand if you’re not fond of lying straight on a traditional beach towel. You may also consider a cotton towel, which are soft and more affordable to replace. Microfiber towels are also an option. They tend to be the most absorbent. You may also think about what kind of beach towels you want to get for the kids.

When thinking about what kind of beach towel you want it’s important to consider durability. How often will you be using it? Will it last? If you care about the environment, consider whether or not your towel is eco-friendly. Don’t forget to consider your height as well. You don’t want to buy the towel of your dreams and when you go to stretch out on the beach your feet hang off the end of your towel. You want to be comfortable, lying in the sun on a pattern that makes you happy, on a towel that suits your needs.