What to Give your Tennis Loving Friend

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with tennis? Maybe it’s your brother-in-law who loves tennis even though he can’t manage to hit the ball with his racket. Maybe it’s your dad, who’s getting older and can’t keep up on the court but still pushes everyone to get on the court every weekend that you’re together. Or maybe your college roommate who made her way through school on a tennis scholarship has a birthday coming up! Here is a brief list of ideas for your loved ones who are a little obsessed with the sport.

tennis charms

You could get your friend or family member one of many tennis charms. Charms come in all sorts of styles, some more gender neutral than others, and they often make a great addition to a key chain, bracelet, or necklace. There are plenty of places online to find unique and expressive charms for the tennis lover who also appreciates accessories.

Your tennis obsessed father may like a hokey tie with a tennis pattern on it. There’s just something appealing about a comically patterned tie. If you know a young person who wants to decorate their room with a tennis theme, there are even tennis-themed beanbag chairs that would go well in a child or teenager’s space.

Themed gift options, especially for those who love sports, are always available in abundance. Don’t miss the chance to get your tennis lover something memorable and relevant to the one thing that they can’t get enough of. If all else fails, you can get them new tennis equipment. Sports equipment, especially when it’s well used, doesn’t last forever. Beat the wear and tear and get them something they can use as soon as their old equipment gives up on them.