3 tips for sleeping after hair straightening

There are many hair straightening techniques in the fashion industry these days, but one of the most popular is the Japanese hair straightening technique. This is a fairly detailed process for treating wavy or curly hair. Find out in this article the tips for sleeping after a hair straightening.

Use a smooth pillow

When you are trying to sleep, the closest contact to your hair is the pillow, so it is important that you use the right one. After the treatment, it is suggested to use a silk pillow not only because it is soft, but there are no side effects. Read Continued to better understand. The hair is really sensitive after the treatment, so even a little rubbing can be really annoying. Try not to move around too much while you are sleeping, although this may not really be under your control, as you are no longer in control while you are sleeping. Still, if you have this thought in mind when you go to sleep, it would certainly improve the chances of your hair not getting tangled with the pillowcase.

Control the room temperature

Immediately after treatment, it’s important that you stay in a cool environment, as wet hair can become curly quite quickly, so you should avoid sweat and humidity as much as possible. Sweating is related to the ambient temperature, so turn on your air conditioner if you live in a hot area or you can also use a fan to keep the air circulating. It all depends on where you live, so the solution may vary. The main thing is to avoid humidity as much as possible and keep the temperature under control.

Hair styling after treatment

Once you go to sleep, it would be advisable to comb your hair, as this would really help you get the most out of the Japanese hair treatment. Combing the hair can separate it from each other and in this way, there is less chance of it getting tangled and doing damage to you. There is no need to use a special comb, as you now have straight hair. All you need to do is avoid going back to curly hair. With a little care, you won’t even need to comb your hair before bed, but it is important to do so for at least three days after straightening.