A lost cat: where to look for it?

Pets are special beings for more than one in two French people. Owners give them the same importance as they give to humans. What happens to you if your cat gets lost? Where would you start looking for him? Find out in this guide the recommendations to easily find your lost cat.

A personal search for your lost cat

Just see here and you’ll know where to start looking for your lost cat. Indeed, your lost cat can be found if you do it right. Where to start your personal search? If your cat is lost, you should look for it inside your home. Cats like to hide. He could be hiding in one of the rooms in your house and you will think he is lost. So, start by searching every room in your house. The living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the backyard, … All these rooms must be searched properly. If your cat is not there, leave your house, search the area around your home. Approach your neighbours and ask them if they have seen your cat by chance. After all these steps, if you can’t find your cat, go to the next step. Put out a wanted poster for your lost cat. With the help of a poster, you can alert people nearby to find your cat. Once they see it, they will contact you. So your poster should contain a picture of your lost cat, its characteristics and your address.

Alert the relevant authorities

At this level, the main competent authority is the police station. You should go there with any necessary information about your lost cat. Police officers will launch a search in the vicinity of your home. They will do everything possible to find your cat. If you cannot go to the police station, you can go to the animal agencies. If your cat is identified, these agents will help you find your cat. All you have to do is give them your cat’s identification number. And the job is in their hands.