A good number of financial resource persons have come up to say the comments of Chinese officials should not be taken seriously by the Joe Biden administration. These resource persons explain that the communist nation will do almost anything to win a Cold War with the United States, including telling blatant lies.

Why Chinese Government Officials should not be seen as Reliable Sources

The Donald Trump administration did not go down well with the Chinese authorities. Although Joe Biden has heavily criticized many of the policies by his predecessor, he has however taken a somewhat similar stance on foreign relations with China. It can therefore be said that they have similarities in this regard.

But unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden is a lot more diplomatic in his relationship with the Chinese authorities. For instance, the president has held some meetings with his Chinese counterpart to discuss issues on security, the pandemic, and trade relations.

To further confirm his suspicions about the Chinese authorities, several financial analysts and resource persons have strongly advised the president to avoid making important economic decisions based on statements by Chinese officials.

This is because they believe the Asian superpower will do almost anything to win the seeming Cold War against the United States. This is even if it means crossing the ethical line to achieve this.

How True Is This?

Of late, the Chinese foreign minister did infer that trade relations and financial activities in and within China are in the best interest of the United States. One of his points was that marginalized communities and groups in the region are benefiting from the system.

This is proven untrue by homeland security. Investigations show that unfair treatment towards these sects still exists as funded by the Chinese policymakers. In light is this and other reasons, these financial analysts are expecting Joe Biden to tread carefully with the Chinese authorities.