How do I change a kitchen faucet?

Sometimes you may not want to use outside services to repair some of your items. Sometimes you wonder if it is possible for you to repair your faucets. You don’t have to be a plumber to make this repair. Just follow the procedure below to successfully change your kitchen faucet.

The basics: materials

To successfully change your kitchen faucet, you need to get the necessary materials. For it is necessary that you say “yes I did it and I like it“. So you need to get seals. Also, it is necessary to buy a new faucet. You will also need a special wrench to unlock the nuts.
The materials will allow you to start changing the faucet. Do not buy poor quality materials, as this may prevent you from successfully changing the faucet. You should then make sure that the new faucet you buy has no defects.

The different steps to follow

To begin with, you should:
– Turn off the water supply by closing the stopcock.
– Disconnect the water supply pipes
– Loosen the stem and the nut connected to the faucet
– Remove the nuts
– Remove the old faucet
– Place silicone sealant on the new faucet
After following the above steps, all you have to do now is place your new faucet. You need to make sure that it is connected to the pipes. Also, you will need to check for leaks. Remember that you need to reopen the stopcock to see if the water is flowing again.
Once you have placed the new faucet, leave it open to make sure everything is okay. If you don’t find anything wrong, then you should be proud of yourself. Because you had successfully changed the kitchen faucet without any problems. No need to learn plumbing anymore. You have already become an expert in changing faucets.