How to choose your handpan musical instrument?

Would you like to start playing a handpan musical instrument? If so, you may find it difficult to choose as this is your first choice. To that end, here are some criteria in this article that will help you choose your first handpan easily.

Consider the range

To succeed in choosing your handpan, the first criterion to consider is its range. Indeed, the scale is a set of notes produced in a consecutive direction. So, to choose the right instrument, the scale is the best solution. In fact, the handpan instrument is made on the basis of a diatonic scale. Therefore, to make a perfect choice of this instrument on the basis of the scale, you should choose the popular one. For example, we have the D minor handpan scales. Still by way of illustration, we have the major scale which can allow you to make the right choice of your handpan. This scale gives you a feeling of happiness. It also gives you a feeling of evaluation. There are also the minor handpan scales if you like to play in a melancholic way.

Consider the number of notes

Just like the scale, this instrument has several notes. So, to make your choice right, you need to consider the various notes they have. Thus, you can choose a handpan that has at least 9 notes. This number of notes makes it easier to get to grips with your instrument, although it is often played by intuition. We also have handpans that have more than ten notes. This number of musical notes gives you a wide option that will allow you to play multiple melodies.

Take into consideration your preferences

Finally, you can consider your preferences to make the perfect choice of your handpan. This is because you need to listen to the different types of this instrument, so that you can determine the feel of them. This feeling is determined by listening, which makes it easier for you to choose.