How to control the number of visitors to your website?

When you create a website for your business, you want it to get more traffic. Each website has a visible counter. This allows visitors and owners to be informed about the progress of the site. In this article, follow the tool that allows you to do this monitoring.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that gives you an idea of how many people are accessing your website. It is consulted by a large number of people to do research. It takes care of collecting all the information and gives you clear details. To find out more, click on this site Google Analytics is the most used tool for micro businesses and individuals. If you are a website administrator, this tool helps you to have a clear picture of all those who access your website and your different services. 

What are the functions of this tool?

The dashboard of this tool helps you to have all the data related to the performance. It helps you to get an idea of: the number of people who visited the site, of those who viewed or left after visiting. It is important to inform your visitors by making a statement about cookies and their privacy. Secondly, you can use this tool for free. This is done by creating an analytics account, giving information about your page, putting the Google tracking code in your page. It can also help you to have the number of visitors per month or per quarter or semester and other additional information. Especially the keywords that are often searched for on your site. It is recommended to bookmark your site. Finally, there are other similar applications that can help you get an idea of how many people have visited your site.