How to protect your servers from DDoS attacks?

As you know, the Internet world is subject to various forms of cybercrime. Among these, we have DDoS attacks. If you are currently wondering how to deal with such threats, you have come to the right place. Don’t waste a single second! So, discover in the following lines the whole system set up by KoDDoS to thwart DDoS attacks and protect a server.

Great technology and fast mitigation of DDoS attacks

Running a successful online business requires optimal protection for your server. The idea of having a ddos protected server is possible with the use of great technology, having all the necessary hardware for quality web hosting. Indeed, with this kind of technology, DDoS attacks will be intercepted and eliminated in a fraction of a second. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your website safely.

Monitoring and 24/7 support

The expert team of the KoDDoS structure works full time and is therefore able to watch over your website or network server. They make sure to block and perform direct filtering of any traffic that can damage your server. You may also benefit from troubleshooting in case of any failures that may occur. So, the KoDDoS structure is available to satisfy you completely.


You know it very well! A good connection allows for quality online activity. This is the reason why KoDDoS structure has it in order to better serve the customers. Indeed, KoDDoS structure has arranged for the expert team to have at their disposal servers that are connected to at least 1Gbps in order to promote a smoother connection and a much more optimized experience.