What is the best season to visit Cancun ?

Mexico is the largest state in Central America and is so vast that its territory contains the most varied natural environments, therefore different types of climate. Among the cities of this country, Cancun is considered the most visited city each year because of its assets. However, certain periods are to be avoided because of the frequent and abundant rains and others which are even dangerous because of the hurricanes which can hit the coasts.

The best time to visit Cancun in Mexico

Choosing the right time to go to Mexico depends on what you plan to visit. Located in the southeast of Mexico, Cancun has approximately 600,000 inhabitants. Students from North America have made it one of the top destinations for their spring break, but they are not the only ones to appreciate the tourist assets of this city. If you want more information on cancun hurricane season, check out the site. However, the best season to enjoy this trip is between November and May, when temperatures do not exceed 30°C.

Located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, the city of Cancun enjoys a privileged environment with its clear waters, its beaches lined with coconut palms and its banks of coral : but its concrete coasts and its hordes of visitors spoil the image a little. Ideal for this immense seaside resort. In addition to idleness and the pleasures of swimming, you can discover several exciting sites in Cancun : the famous site of Chichen Itza, this Mayan temple emblematic of the country ; the ruins of Tulum, which you will combine with a trip to the Tankah adventure park with its many activities ; the Xcaret eco-park, which combines ecology and archeology through extraordinary aquatic activities.

The period and seasons to avoid

June through October is hurricane risk season, (particularly in the southern part/Caribbean region), with peak risk from August through October. They usually come from the south or the east and can be very violent, sometimes destructive. The heaviest rainfall, on the other hand, is very frequent between September and October, and affects the southern and central areas, mainly the coasts. Along the southwestern coast of Mexico (Acapulco) and in Baja California Sur, always in the rainy period (July / October), tropical cyclones capable of triggering violent winds, the cordonazos. However, these disturbances remain less intense than those forming in the Gulf of Mexico.