What is the interest of choosing a time lapse camera in the construction sector ?

Among the fields that necessarily require precision and regular monitoring, the construction sector is one. Thus, it is essential to have an overview of the progress of the work and the database. Hence the use of cameras, especially time lapse cameras. Here is a zoom on this subject.

How does the time lapse camera work ?

The importance of having a quality camera, is no longer to demonstrate. This will allow you to have detailed and accurate recordings. Thus, with this type of camera, you will be able to obtain several photos, which can then be arranged in short video. You will be able to observe the evolution of the work according to a defined time. It will be a question of viewing, in hardly one second, about twenty photographs. Moreover, with this device, a video of several minutes, will take into account a thousand images. 

This is very profitable for the project leaders, because it would be easier to make a detailed analysis and to be able to keep as an archive, the final rendering. For more information, visit the official website.

In addition, this practical device has an option, which allows you to choose the desired interval for taking pictures. Also, it offers a fairly realistic rendering of the construction site in compact format.

The advantages of using this device

The use of this camera brings many advantages including an excellent productivity of teams working on the site. In addition, it is possible for you to monitor the site live and quickly. You can also save time, since you do not necessarily need to make a special installation of the camera.

In addition, to certify the qualifications of the company, you will have at your disposal, files related to this. There is a software to which the camera is directly connected and to which the whole technical team of the project can have access. Thus, all the photos taken are stored on a cloud to avoid losing data, promoting the automatic execution of the archives by the software.